The Committee oversees the Town Hall and other facilities.  Chair will be elected at the next meeting on Wednesday 22nd January 2020.

Please note this committee also does the main work previously covered by Leisure and Youth Committee which ceased at the end of the council year 2013-14.

The voting membership of the 2019/20 committee comprises:malmesbury town hall

  1. Cllr. Gavin Grant (Vice Chair)
  2. Cllr. Catherine Doody
  3. Cllr. Wayne Jones
  4. Cllr. Helen Wallace (Chair)
  5. Cllr. Catherine Burke
  6. Cllr. Julie Exton
  7. Cllr. Fran Vandelli
  8. Cllr. Paul Smith

To contact the committee, please contact our Committee Clerk.

Meetings typically commence at 7pm and are held in the Malting Hall unless otherwise stated.   

A calendar including dates of future meetings may be found in Committee Meetings.

Extraordinary Meetings are denoted by *. Please see below for Meeting Agendas, Reports and Minutes:

Date Agenda         
22/01/2020 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1 Budget Overview  
    pdfReport 2 Town Hall  
    pdfReport 3 Town Hall Bks & Hire Promotion  
    pdfReport 4 Curtains  
    pdfReport 5 Renewal Marriage Licence  
    pdfReport 6 Parks & Open Spaces  
    pdfReport 7 Promotion of Outdoor Gym  
*20/11/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
06/11/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfBudget Overview  pdfMinutes
    pdfTown Hall Report  
    pdfParks & Open Spaces  
    pdfInstallation of Chains  
    pdfUplighting Market Cross  
    pdfSingle Use Plastics  
    pdfExpenditure Budget Report  
11/09/2019 pdfAgenda pdfTown Hall Report  pdfMinutes
    pdfParks & Open Spaces Report  
    pdfBudget Report  
17/07/2019 pdfAgenda pdfWesleyan Hall Speakers  pdfMinutes
19/06/2019 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
    pdfIncome & Expenditure April  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure May  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure Projects  
    pdfCommunity Day  
    pdfProposals for Changes to MTC Comm  
06/03/2019  pdfAgenda pdfReport Income & Exp  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport Projects  
    pdfReport Music Licence  
    pdfReport Market Cross Illumination  
    pdfReport Open Spaces  
13/02/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
    pdfFinance Projects  
    pdfPlay Area Report  
    pdfCloister Garden Outdoor Event  
    pdfRelocation of Bin at Filands Play Park  
    pdfInspection of Crockery Report  
07/11/2018 pdfAgenda pdfPlay Parks & Open Spaces  pdfMinutes
    pdfProvision of tea towels  
    pdfCraft Market  
    pdfSafety Inspections  
    pdfTree Surgery  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
05/09/2018 pdfAgenda pdfRequests from Movies@Malmesbury  pdfMinutes
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
    pdfBusiness Plan  
    pdfTown Twinning  
    pdfHaze Machine  
04/07/2018 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure - Year End  pdfMinutes
    pdfIncome & Expenditure-Month1  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure-Month 2  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure-Month 3  
30/05/2018 pdfAgenda pdfIncome Generation  pdfMinutes
    pdfMaintenance Programme  
    pdfPlay Parks Working Group  
01/05/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
11/04/2018 pdfAgenda pdfLeaflet  pdfMinutes
    pdfHistory of Town Hall Leaflet  
    pdfCloister Gardens  
    pdfPicnic Bench  
    pdfCommunity Orchard  
    pdfTown Hall Floor Plan  
07/03/2018 pdfAgenda pdfFilands Park Update  pdfMinutes
    pdfTown Hall War Memorials  
    pdfCloister Gardens - Vintage Tea    Party  
    pdfMarket Working Party  
    pdfCloister gardens - Beer Festival  
    pdfHistory of Town Hall Leaflet  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
    pdfBeacon Event  
13/02/2018 pdfAgenda  pdfPath Filands Playarea  pdfMinutes
06/12/2017 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
    pdfHistory of the Town Hall  
    pdfVirtual Tour  
23/11/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
08/11/2017 pdfAgenda pdfCouncil Use of Gallery  pdfMinutes
    pdfPrice & Booking Form Review  
    pdfHaze Machine  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
    pdfLeaflet Quotes  
11/10/2017 pdfAgenda pdfHub Market Terms of Reference  pdfMinutes
    pdfHub Re-name  
    pdfOutdoor Fitness  
    pdfNotice Boards  
    pdfVirtual Tour  
    pdfProject List  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
06/09/2017 pdfAgenda  pdfCloister Gardens  pdfMinutes
    pdfHistory of the Town Hall  
02/08/2017  pdfAgenda  pdfProjects  pdfMinutes
    pdfCustomer Survey  
    pdfMeeting Schedule  
    pdfFilands Play Area  
    pdfCharging Review  
    pdfHub Review  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
05/07/2017 pdfAgenda pdfAdult Gym  pdfMinutes
    pdfBoer War Memorial  
    pdfReeds Farm  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
    pdfJudges Service  
    pdfNiebull Room  
    pdfNotice Boards  
 01/06/2017  pdfAgenda pdfReport re. frequency of Mtgs  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport re Deep clean Kitchen  
    pdfReport re Virtual Tour  
    pdfReport re. Potential Hub Office Hire  
     pdfReport re. Hub Cupboards  
    pdfReport re. Refund  
    pdfReport re. Crockery  
    pdfReport re. Outside Toilets  
    pdfReport re. Cloister Gardens  
    pdfReport re. Safety Surfaces StAld  
09/05/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
08/03/2017 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
25/01/2017 pdfAgenda pdfHistorical Artefacts  pdfMinutes
    pdfHub Art Work  
    pdfFilands Community Park  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
02/11/2016 pdfAgenda

pdfIncome & Expenditure Report

    pdfMemorial Seats  
    pdfGym Equipment  
07/09/2016 pdfAgenda    
06/07/2016 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
    pdfReport 3  
24/05/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
09/03/2016 pdfAgenda  pdfAccess to Toilet  pdfMinutes
    pdfUse of Gallery  
    pdfRevised Hire Charges  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
06/01/2016 pdfAgenda pdfWedding Licence  pdfMinutes
    pdfProvision of crockery  
    pdfNo smoking  
    pdfMovies @ Malmesbury  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
04/11/2015 pdfAgenda pdfCentral Heating  pdfMinutes
    pdfDraft Budget  
    pdfRemovable Bollards  
    pdfTown Hall Fees & Charges  
    pdfLand at Horse Fair  
    pdfUse of Hub/Hub Office  
02/09/2015     pdfMinutes
07/07/2015 pdfAgenda  pdfCommunity Groups  pdfMinutes
    pdfWall Repairs  
    pdfInternational Yoga Day  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
    pdfTennis Club  
    pdfCinema Co-ordinator  
    pdfHub Meeting  
    pdfWaterloo Re-enactment  
 26/05/2015  pdfAgenda pdfReport 4  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 5  
12/05/2015 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
06/05/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  
04/03/2015 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
21/01/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1 pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
    pdfReport 4  
    pdfReport 5  
    pdfReport 6  
    pdfReport 7  
13/11/2014 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
08/10/2014* pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
    pdfAppendix 1  
03/09/2014 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
26/06/2014  pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
21/05/2014  pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
19/03/2014* pdfAgenda pdfReport1 pdfMinutes
(at12:30pm)   pdfReport2   
13/02/2014 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
11/12/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1  pdfMinutes
12/11/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1  pdfMinutes
16/10/2013 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes 
14/08/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1 pdfMinutes
12/06/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1 pdfMinutes

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