The Community and Town Promotion Committee shall be empowered to exercise and perform on behalf of the Council, all powers and duties of the Council in relation to the matters listed below, which is not exhaustive. The Community and Town Promotion Committee may appoint sub-committees and delegate any of its powers to a sub-committee. The Committee is empowered to incur expenditure where it has an allocated budget provision.

market cross x1

  • All tourism and town promotion aspects of the Council
  • For recommending to Policy & Resources Committee its estimates for the forthcoming financial year
  • Approval of expenditure within its approved budget
  • Matters relating to Britain and Malmesbury in Bloom
  • Competitions and any other local sponsored functions


The Committee for 2019/20 is chaired by Cllr. Fran Vandelli. The voting membership of the committee comprises:

  1. Cllr. LG Grant
  2. Cllr. Catherine Doody 
  3. Cllr. Catherine Burke
  4. Cllr. Phil Exton
  5. Cllr. Kim Power (Vice Chair)
  6. Cllr. Helen Wallace
  7. Cllr. Carys Hardwick

To contact the committee, please contact our Committee Clerk.

Meetings typically commence at 7pm and are held in the Malting Hall unless otherwise stated.   

A calendar including dates of future meetings may be found in Committee Meetings.

Extraordinary Meetings are denoted by *. Please see below for Meeting Agendas, Reports and Minutes:

Date Agenda Reports Minutes
20/02/2020 pdfAgenda    
09/01/2020 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
21/11/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
29/10/2019 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
17/10/2019 pdfAgenda            pdfMinutes
19/09/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfVE Day  pdfMinutes
    pdfWalkers Guide to Malmesbury  
11/07/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
13/06/2019 pdfAgenda pdfFamily Trail  pdfMinutes
    pdfFly the Red Ensign  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
    pdfAfternoon Tea  
    pdfHeritage Network  
04/04/2019 pdfAgenda pdfTerms of Reference  pdfMinutes
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
07/03/2019 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
    pdfGreat Western Way  
07/02/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfEvents & Budget Allocation  pdfMinutes
    pdfSt Aldhelm's Fair  
    pdfMalmesbury in Bloom  
    pdfYouth Art Exhibition  
    pdfLate Night Shopping  
    pdfCommunity/Awareness Afternoon Tea  
    pdfFamily Trail  
    pdfCloister Garden Youth Activity  
10/01/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
    pdfChristmas Lights  
    pdfFestival Town  
01/11/2018 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
06/09/2018 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
    pdfCommemorative Afternoon Tea  
    pdfFestive Lighting  
    pdfDig for the Diggers  
    pdfGreat West Way  
    pdfMalmesbury in Bloom  
02/08/2018 pdfAgenda  pdfCommemorative Afternoon Tea  pdfNotes
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
05/07/2018 pdfAgenda pdfUse of Market Cross Policy  pdfMinutes
    pdfChristmas Lights  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
    pdfMeeting Dates  
    pdfSt Aldhelm's Fair  
    pdfYouth Provision  
07/06/2018 pdfAgenda pdfGallery Booking  pdfMinutes
    pdfMarket Cross Booking  
01/05/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
05/04/2018 pdfAgenda pdfUse of Market Cross  pdfMinutes
    pdfCover the Town Hall in Poppies  
    pdfCommunity Orchard  
01/03/2018 pdfAgenda pdfHare Trail Passport  pdfMinutes
  pdfCMAS Provision  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
01/02/2018 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
    pdfFestival Town Leaflet 2018  
    pdfTIC Development  
    pdfMTC Website Development  
    pdfEvents & Budget  
    pdfBeacon of Light  
    pdfGeo-physical Survey Abbey & Cloister  
11/01/2018 pdfAgenda pdfVisitor numbers  pdfMinutes
02/11/2017 pdfAgenda  pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
    pdfBudget Timeline  
    pdfFuture Projects  
    pdfVisitor Numbers  
07/09/2017 pdfAgenda pdfChristmas Lights  pdfMinutes
    pdfPromotional Material  
    pdfSchool Art Exhibition  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
    pdfWOMAD, concluding report  
    pdfArt Workshops, concluding report  
    pdfLGBT Youth Event  
03/08/2017 pdfAgenda  pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
    pdfVisitor Numbers  
06/07/2017 pdfAgenda pdfCoach Friendly  pdfMinutes
    pdfCommemorative Afternoon Tea  
    pdfCycle Friendly  
    pdfLate Night Shopping  
    pdfProject Management  
    pdfUp Cycling Event  
    pdfVisit Wiltshire Advert  
    pdfHare Trail Launch  
    pdfSt Aldhelm's Fair  
    pdfPresentation Evening  
    pdfVisitor Numbers  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
25/05/2017 pdfAgenda  pdfHare materials contribution  pdfMinutes
    pdfUp-cycling Event  
09/05/2017 pdfAgenda    
06/04/2017 pdfAgenda  pdfVisitor Numbers  pdfMinutes
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
    pdfGarden Competition  
    pdfFlower Festival  
    pdfAnimal Trail  
02/03/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
02/02/2017 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
05/01/2017 pdfAgenda pdfFestival Town Leaflet Distribution  pdfMinutes
    pdfUp-cycling Workshop  
30/11/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
03/11/2016 pdfAgenda pdfCycle Friendly Malmesbury  pdfMinutes
    pdfHistorical Budget  
    pdfWOMAD Publicity  
    pdfParking Complaints  
    pdfYouth Art/Craft Workshop  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
    pdfVisitor Numbers  
01/09/2016 pdfAgenda pdfFestival Town Content  pdfMinutes
    pdfWessex Week  
04/08/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfNotes
07/07/2016 pdfAgenda pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
    pdfTIC Report  
    pdfYouth Art Exhibition  
    pdfBoondocks Report  
02/06/2016 pdfAgenda  pdfVisitor Numbers  
    pdfMarket Stalls  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
12/05/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
07/04/2016 pdfAgenda  pdfTown Team  pdfMinutes
    pdfKing Athelstan Sculpture  
    pdfLocal Youth Network  
    pdfIncome & Expenditure  
03/03/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
11/02/2016 pdfAgenda pdfSt Aldhelm's Fair  pdfMinutes
    pdfCommemorative Afternoon Tea  
    pdfQueens 90th Celebrations  
    pdfFood Festival  
    pdfYouth Art Exhibition  
    pdfHare Trail  
    pdfLate Night Shopping  
07/01/2016 pdfAgenda  pdfIncome & Expenditure  pdfMinutes
    pdfTown Team Representative  
05/11/2015 pdfAgenda pdfVirtual Tour of TIC  pdfMinutes
30/09/2015 pdfAgenda  pdfLate Night Shopping  pdfMinutes
03/09/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
06/08/2015 pdfAgenda  pdfYouth Fair  pdfMinutes
    pdfMinB-Presentation Evening  
    pdfCalendar 2016  
09/07/2015 pdfAgenda pdfSt Aldhelm's Fair  pdfMinutes
    pdfLate Night Shopping  
    pdfCommemorative Tea Party  
    pdfInc & Exp  
04/06/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
    pdf Report 3  
14/05/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
12/05/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
02/04/2015 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
    pdfReport 3  
05/03/2015 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
    pdfReport 3  
05/02/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
    pdfReport 3  
    pdfReport 4  
    pdfReport 5  
08/01/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 2  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 1  
06/11/2014 pdfAgenda
 pdfAppendix 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 1  
    pdfReport 2  
04/09/2014 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
03/07/2014 pdfAgenda  pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
05/06/2014  pdfAgenda
 pdfReport 1 pdfMinutes
15/05/2014 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 18/03/2014* pdfAgenda pdfReport1  pdfMinutes
 06/02/2014 pdfAgenda  pdfReport1  pdfMinutes
 05/12/2013 pdfAgenda  pdfReport1  pdfMinutes 
03/10/2013       Agenda pdfReport1 pdfMinutes
19/08/2013 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
08/08/2014 pdfAgenda       Not held
06/06/2013 pdfAgenda  pdfReport1  pdfMinutes 

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