The Planning & Environment Committee shall be empowered to exercise and perform on behalf of the Council, all powers and duties of the Council in relation to the matters listed below, which is not exhaustive. The Planning & Environment Committee may appoint sub-committees and delegate any of its powers to a sub-committee. The Planning & Environment Committee is empowered to incur expenditure where it has an allocated budget provision.


The Planning & Environment Committee covers the following:

  • Comment on all planning applications received for Malmesbury
  • To comment on behalf of the Council on all planning matters including Local Plans, Structure Plans, Mineral Plans, Waste Plans, regional Plans and any other Plans or Studies as considered appropriate.
  • Highway and traffic matters
  • Matters which generally affect the built or rural environment of the town
  • To report to the relevant authorities any breach of planning within the Conservation Areas.
  • To recommend policies to Council on all matters affecting traffic management, public transport and environmental issues.
  • Bus Shelters and Street Furniture
  • Street naming

Chair of this Committee for 2019/20 is Cllr Phil Exton.  The voting membership of the committee comprises:

  1. Cllr. Phil Exton (Chair)
  2. Cllr. Julie Exton
  3. Cllr. John Gundry
  4. Cllr. Wayne Jones
  5. Cllr. Carys Hardwick
  6. Cllr. Campbell Ritchie (Vice Chair)
  7. Cllr. David Rogers

To contact the committee, please contact our Committee Clerk.

Meetings typically commence at 7pm and are held in the Malting Hall unless otherwise stated.   

A calendar including dates of future meetings may be found in Committee Meetings.

Please see below for Meeting Agendas, Reports and Minutes:

Date Agenda Reports           
04/02/2020 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
14/01/2020 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
10/12/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
12/11/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
22/10/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfBins  pdfMinutes
01/10/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
18/09/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
27/08/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
06/08/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfPark Road Flood Risk  pdfMinutes
    pdfLand Rear of 52 Corn Gastons  
    pdfLetter re Land at 52 Corn Gastons  

pdfPark Road Letter

16/07/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
25/06/2019 pdfAgenda pdfCATG Report  pdfMinutes
04/06/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfParking Subsidy Agenda  pdfMinutes
14/05/2019 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
30/04/2019 pdfAgenda pdfCommittee Structure  pdfMinutes
09/04/2019 pdfAgenda pdfLitter Bin Request - Hobbes Close  pdfMinutes
20/03/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfBank Holiday Parking Subsidy  pdfMinutes
26/02/2019 pdfAgenda pdfAbbey Bridge  pdfMinutes
05/02/2019 pdfAgenda  pdfSignage at Premier Express  pdfMinutes
    pdfA-Boards at Premier Express  
15/01/2019 pdfAgenda

pdfIncome & Expenditure         

    pdfBackbridge Footpath  
11/12/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
05/12/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
13/11/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
24/10/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
02/10/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
11/09/2018 pdfAgenda pdfMarket Cross  pdfMinutes
    pdfFree Parking  
07/08/2018 pdfAgenda  pdfCommunity Issues  pdfMinutes
10/07/2018 pdfAgenda pdfCommunity Issue 6176  pdfMinutes
    pdfCATG Report  
05/06/2018 pdfAgenda pdfSubsidised Parking Scheme  pdfMinutes
    pdfDraft Business Plan  
15/05/2018 pdfAgenda pdfTraffic Regulation Order  pdfMinutes
    pdfParish Steward Programme  
    pdfSteward Priorities  
    pdfCommunity Infrastructure Levy  
    pdfParish Emergency Assistance Scheme  
    pdfCATG Report  
01/05/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
17/04/2018 pdfAgenda pdfHighway Maintenance Plan  pdfMinutes
    pdfWychurch Hill  
    pdfProposed Footway at Wychurch Hill  
    pdfGulley Emptying Schedule  
    pdfGulley Emptying service  
    pdfCATG Report  
20/03/2018 pdfAgenda pdfCATG Report  pdfMinutes
27/02/2018 pdfAgenda pdfCPRE  pdfMinutes
06/02/2018 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
16/01/2018 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
12/12/2017 pdfAgenda pdfLocal Plan Review Consultation  pdfMinutes
    pdfBirdcage Walk  
    pdfCATG Report  
30/11/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
14/11/2017 pdfAgenda pdfWiltshire Local Plan Review  pdfMinutes
25/10/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
03/10/2017 pdfAgenda pdfPotential Projects  pdfMinutes
12/09/2017 pdfAgenda pdfCar Parking Trial  pdfMinutes
    pdfCommunity Issue  
    pdfSite Location Plan  
08/08/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
11/07/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
21/06/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
06/06/2017     pdfMinutes
16/05/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
09/05/2017 pdfAgenda    
11/04/2017 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
21/03/2017 pdfAgenda pdfAffordable Housing Policy Cons.  pdfMinutes
    pdfBase Station  
    pdfMarket Cross W/P TOR  
    pdfParish Steward List  
07/02/2017 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
17/01/2017 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
13/12/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
15/11/2016 pdfAgenda pdfLetter from Conservation Group  pdfMinutes
    pdfDog Bin Correspondence  
    pdfBudget Estimates  
26/10/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
04/10/2016 pdfAgenda pdfBurnham Road Waiting Restriction  pdfMinutes
    pdfReeds Farm Waiting Restriction  
    pdfSt John's St Waiting Restriction  
    pdfThe Light Waiting Restriction  
    pdfCommunity Issue 4512  
13/09/2016 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
09/08/2016 pdfAgenda    
12/07/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
22/06/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
01/06/2016 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
11/05/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
03/05/2016     pdfMinutes
20/04/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
22/03/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
01/03/2016 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
10/02/2016 pdfAgenda pdfCowbridge Pedestrian & Cycling Route  pdfMinutes
    pdfCo-Op Deliveries  
    pdfDog Fouling  
19/01/2016 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
08/12/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
17/11/2015 pdfAgenda pdfLedger 15/16  pdfMinutes
28/10/2015 pdfAgenda pdfCATG Report  pdfMinutes
07/10/2015 pdfAgenda pdfCoOrdinators Newsletter  pdfMinutes
    pdfWaiting Restrictions  
15/09/2015 pdfAgenda pdfCommunity Issue (Draft) Triangle  pdfMinutes
11/08/2015 pdfAgenda pdfHGV Route  pdfMinutes
    pdfAppendix to HGV Route  
    pdfHGV Signage  
    pdfAppendix to HGV Signage  
    pdfCATG Meeting  
    pdfProvision of Bus service  
14/07/2015 pdfAgenda pdfHGV Route  pdfMinutes
    pdfHGV Signage  
24/06/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
02/06/2015 pdfAgenda pdfRef Agenda Item 9  pdfMinutes
    pdfRef Agenda Item 9 #2  
    pdfIssue 4022  
13/05/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
12/05/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
15/04/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
25/03/2015 pdfAgenda pdfCorrespondence  pdfMinutes
03/03/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
10/02/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
20/01/2015 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
06/01/2015 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1 pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
09/12/2014 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
18/11/2014 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
28/10/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
     pdfreport 2  
08/10/2014 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
16/09/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
12/08/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport 1  pdfMinutes
    pdfReport 2  
15/07/2014 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
25/06/2014 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
11/06/2014 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
03/06/2014 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
 14/05/2014 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes
 22/04/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport1  
    pdfReport 2  
 31/03/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport re: Lorries WP pdfMinutes
 12/03/2014 pdfAgenda pdfReport re: 20mph pdfMinutes
 28/01/2014  pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes 
 08/01/2014 pdfAgenda              pdfMinutes
 04/12/2013 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 13/11/2013 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 22/10/2013 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 02/10/2013 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 11/09/2013 pdfAgenda pdfReport1 pdfMinutes
 20/08/2013 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 30/07/2013 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 10/07/2013 pdfAgenda   pdfMinutes
 18/06/2013 pdfAgenda  pdfReport1 pdfMinutes
 30/05/2013 pdfAgenda    pdfMinutes

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